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When it comes to communication, it is often said that public speaking anxiety is one of the worst fears in a persons life. People are comfortable talking among their friends, yet when it comes to addressing an audience of even a few, the words seem to disappear and the mind goes blank.

There are many physiological effects connected with public speaking anxiety which may accompany this. A feeling of chocking or shortness of breath, increased heart-rate, sweating, dizziness, numbness, headache and numerous other symptoms.

Even actors, whose careers depend on meticulously delivering entire scripts in front of a large audience, will often find themselves tongue-tied in public speaking situations where they are asked to say only a few words of thanks.

The main argument to be made here is that when actors are in front of an audience or a camera they are playing a role. It is not them. When they are asked to speak publicly, their authentic selves are on display. There is no character for the actor to hide within. The person is on display, not the actor.

Here's where things get interesting.

No person is born with an innate fear of public speaking. Somewhere along the line it has been learned.

There are only two fears human beings are born with:

1) The fear of falling

2) The fear of loud noises.

That's it.

All the rest of your fears have been "learned" over time.

And anything can that be learned, can be "unlearned".

The following link explains why the experiential approach is the only effective means to transcend anxiety.

To conquer any fear, a certain amount of confidence is needed. And confidence is a very tricky thing. It cannot be built by going at it straight on. You have to go at it sideways, so to speak, and allow the confidence to develop as a separate outcome of a different action.

Though it sounds a little complicated now, it's really quite simple and the method is very easy to follow.

Once this concept is understood and set into practice, I guarantee that public speaking anxiety, as well as any other fear, can be put behind you.

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