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Anxiety and public speaking, for most people, seem to go hand in hand. On this page we'll delve to transcend this phenomena.

The first thing: The heart of this page is not a philosophy. Philosophy is concerned with the "Why" of things. It is an intellectual concept. Only theory is important. Experience plays no role.

The discussion here is purely scientific. Science is only concerned with the "How" of things. As soon as the "How" is asked, then only methods, techniques become important. It is experiential. The whole being, the whole presence, the whole quintessential self is required.

So, where philosophy will query "Why does Kevin strive to better himself?"

That is an intellectual proposition.

Whereas science will ask "How does Kevin strive to better himself?"

They are looking for the techniques, ways, and methods I am using. What I am doing is of importance. What they are thinking about it plays no role. It's purely documenting the experiences and looking for patterns that lead to similar results.

The second thing: With philosophy you need a belief. It is an argument, you need to convince people to buy into your thinking. Science is fact. A belief is not required, nor does it alter the result. It matters not who you are, what perspectives you may have, where you're from, or anything. The fact of the mater remains unchangeable by anything.

Here's an example:

Why is Kevin walking?

"He's got insomnia, so he's gone out to relieve some stress."

"His car broke down and he's on his way to catch a ride from a friend."

"He finds going for walks inspires his creative thinking."

3 people, 3 different philosophies. It wouldn't matter if there were 30, no one would really know why unless they asked me.

The scientific approach:

Kevin is walking because there is a system of muscles releasing and contracting in a specific order which allows this action to take place. (I'm not a kinesiologist so I can't tell you exactly what that process is)

Whether you have 1 kinesiolologist present or 300 would make no difference. There'd be no argument amongst them as to what muscles are releasing and contracting in what order. That is the method that causes not only Kevin, but anybody else to walk. End of story. And it doesn't matter one iota whether I believe it or not, or whether you or anybody else does, it's just fact.

So, how does this all relate to anxiety and public speaking?

It is with the systems and methods I will be unrolling on this site to help you transcend over the stigma. Anxiety and public speaking do not have to be synonymous. I will be unvieling dozens of techniques over the coming weeks. Each one scientific in nature.

Play with them. Some may be more suited to you than others and that's fine. Not everyone is the same which is why there are many methods. When you find one that you're comfortable with keep using it. Over a matter of just a few weeks you will begin to see the benefits.

Again, this is a science. It is experiential. Your belief is not needed. Do it and you will know.

Anxiety and public speaking. Allow it to be a thing of the past!

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