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As was mentioned on our home page, public speaking does not pertain only to addressing large audiences. The same skill sets are transferable and applicable to your more intimate day to day interactions. And we have developed a variety of public speaking lessons to accommodate different areas and functions.

For those who are prone to just dive right into the learning we have a public speaking boot-camp.

For people who are a little more reserved and apprehensive about the process we have developed a course called public speaking with ease and grace.

There are also advanced public speaking workshops available to those who need to take there presentations to the next level.

Speechwriting skills are incorporated into all of our public speaking courses.

Interview skills is another area which heavily relies on the same skillset, so we have developed a program specifically for this also.

For those interested in goal setting and achieving those goals, we have public speaking lessons geared for this. It is imperative that you communicate exactly what it is you want to, and from, the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Only by having a firm understanding of that process as you weave through the various daily aspects can you realize your goal with success.

Then there's the leadership communications programs. You can't be a leader if you can't communicate. Simple as that.

Teamwork is another facet where the same attributes are front and center. So, we've built a course specifically for this as well.

Conflict resolution; a little more intimate, yet no less important. Completely different scenario, completely different outlook. Yet the need to mediate remains paramount.

Coaching and mentoring. Especially crucial in the workplace. We have a workshop that gets to the core of the communications there in a succinct and effective way which brings a deeper understanding to all involved.

And because all of our public speaking lessons are leading edge and participatory in nature, various learning games are integrated into each and every course.

When it comes to public speaking lessons be wary of courses or programs which have a cookie-cutter approach.

Every person is unique. Every situation which they need the skill-set is unique. Any program advocating all the participants to follow the same exercises, from the same manual, in the same order, only requires that you be one of the herd. Plodding along obediently, yet never reaching deep to touch on your personal greatness and drawing it forward.

You are distinct, unique. Allow for a program which will foster and celebrate your individuality.

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