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Confident public speaking utilizes the exact same skill set you need in order to develop your self-assurance in any other area in your life. The method is ridiculously simple across the board and all you have to do is follow the steps.

That's the whole premise:

Follow The Steps

When you want to develop poise in any aspect of your life the only thing you need to do is research the topic by someone who has succesfully done it and follow their map.

The same steps, in the exact same order, without leaving any of them out, will give you the exact same result.

Be it confident public speaking, transmission rebuilding, or cake decorating makes no difference.

Find out what the steps are, lay them out in sequence, and follow them in that order without omitting any. The result can only be achievment of the task.

After the result has been accomplished you will have - will own - that self-confidence. No one can ever take it away from you after that. You've done it, you've experienced it, you know it. End of story.

Far too many people attempt to develop their self confidence straight on - through affirmations and such. Though affirmations can be a useful tool in other areas, they are utterly useless when it comes to developing poise.

Here's why:

You can give yourself all the affirmations you want that you're a great fighter pilot, but your mind is never going to buy into it. Subconsciously the dialogue is along the lines of "Ya, right. Who are you trying to fool?" The confidence will never come that way.

However, once you actually get into the plane, follow the steps needed, and actually fly it, you will know from experience that you can fly it.

The poise will be there following the procedure, not before.

Confident public speaking has its own method. As does web building, glass blowing, or international negotiating. Yet the procedure to build poise is exactly the same. Find the method, follow it to the letter, and the faith in yourself will appear.

Look at it this way; the confidence is already there waiting for you - just follow the road to get to it!

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