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Public speaking is the most dynamic of all the communication skills.

The principles of public speaking bring this skill to fruition. From here self-confidence is raised, credibility is strengthened, and a certain leadership is developed. The benefits are immeasurable.

Oddly enough, far too many people are completely terrified of the public speaking aspect of communication and will do anything they can to avoid it at all cost. And all this without even really understanding the definition of it to begin with! Does this sound familiar to you?

So, there you sit. Due to a lack of encouragement and understanding of the principles of public speaking, you avoid making any such presentations. This, in turn, adds even more stigma to your lack of belief in yourself. It's a self-perpetuating motion and it always leads to a downward spiral.

The trick then, is learning how to turn this around. When you get that boost to your self-esteem, it will be the starting point that will make your whole life a success.

Think about the great public speakers, either contemporary or historical. Were any of them lacking for self-confidence in their presentations? Not a chance. That's why they are considered leaders in their respective fields.

Now here's the clincher: They all do the same thing.

And you can too! Very Easily!

When it comes to the principles of public speaking, all great presenters follow a ridiculously simple format that even a 12 year old can understand. They follow the same 3 steps with each speech and they always get their message across so it sticks.

Stripped down to its bare essentials, here is the basic format each and every great speaker adheres to when giving a successful presentation.

The first thing they have is a speech opening, with which they address the subject they are speaking about.

The second area of concern regarding their speech is the body of it. This is the part of the speech that is further developed to bring clarity to the introduction

And, finally, the speech needs a conclusion . This is where the speaker wraps up the presentation in a clear, succinct, manner that makes sense to the audience.

That's it!

Those 3 steps are the principles of public speaking. It's a solid framework all great speeches are built upon. Become skilled at these and you will be well on your way to being a great speaker yourself.

Sure, there are many other aspects of a great presentation which give it that WOW! factor we are all familiar with. Those are bells and whistles which can be very persuasive. Find your passion and you will deliver that WOW! factor guaranteed.

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