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17 Factors You Need To Utilize

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Though the objectives may be somewhat different than those of other professions, goal setting for public speakers involves buckling down and employing the same 17 fundamentals as everyone else who has achieved their mission.

Nothing on this page is new or novel. All these concepts and practices for goal setting have been around for centuries. None of them are hard to learn and anyone can put them to use at any time.

Here's the thing: A full 97% of people out there never do.

That's why those moving success stories we are all so familiar with are as rare as they are. Only 3% of the population ever follow through with the building of their dreams.

My wish for you is that you become one of that 3%.

I will quickly introduce the 17 traits of goal setting here, and over the coming weeks will devote a page to each one.

First and foremost, every person who has achieved their goal understands and puts into play the principle of synergy. They also have a crystal-clear objective of what it is they want to achieve.

They become more adept at budgeting and saving (both their time and money), and harness their poise and leadership skills.

They utilize their imagination in as many ways possible, and are driven by passion and willpower.

Putting their best foot forward helps to build an inspiring personality which helps them gain the support of others.

There is an astute understanding of the differences between precise thinking and focused awareness. They understand the value of teamwork and collaboration, and how significant that is in turning fiasco into success when the opportunity presents itself.

Finally, open-mindedness, a disposition and readiness to honourable directive, and a firm grasp on how the universal law applies itself, they move forward - one confident step at a time.

Yes, it may seem like quite a few steps here. The question you have to consider is this:

What is your success, your happiness, worth to you?

Certainly the time it takes to study the road-map which every success story has put into play in order to reach their goals.

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