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I’m Kevin Keckstadt, founder of Your Success PDQ. I design, develop and facilitate public speaking and many other communication-based workshops on Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland Vancouver.

As an award winning speaker and business leader I understand absolutely the direct correlation between strengthening personal relationships through better communication skills, and the success which is a result of that integration. I believe the ripple effect of this phenomena reaches much further and into more areas than most people realize.

I am a trained educator from the University of Victoria specializing in facilitation. Since Your Success PDQ’s inception in 2009, I’ve coached, mentored, and facilitated workshops for individuals, groups, non-profit organizations, government organizations, university sponsored programs, and private companies.

That said, I collaborate, co-facilitate and consult with many others on this journey. To help serve better all who I come into contact with, be it on the site or in person, I must consider the wisdom of all who are in my circle - though they may not be directly connected to this endeavor. This explains why this page is aptly named About Us. I could never pretend to do this alone. And as this venture grows, so too will the number of people who become involved. Each in their own unique and significant way.

In my spare time I sing, write creatively, read stories of inspiration, spend time in my garden, paint, forge new friendships and spend countless hours enjoying the ocean. I also manage to serve on the curriculum committee for the Leadership Society of Vancouver Island (formerly Leadership BC).

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