Public Speaking
Directly Linked to Your Success

Public speaking is not just about a person talking in front of an audience of hundreds or thousands. That's the biggest misconception out there.

Each time you engage in a conversation, be it one on one with a loved one, a friend, a coworker, or an interview, you are using the same skill set. As a team leader, manager or business professional you have interactions with groups every day which call for these techniques, even in their simplest form.

So, how does all this relate to your success?


Here's an undeniable truth in our culture:

Your success, whether in your career or your personal life, is greatly determined by how effectively you communicate.

Think about it. You get passed over from an interview or a job promotion because someone else could better articulate themselves, even though you are the far better employee. Or, your most important personal relationships are constantly in turmoil because you just don't have the means to help make it right. I know, I've been there. I've had many similar experiences to draw from and overcome.

Success means different things to different people.

I can't tell you what your definition is, everyone has their own personal view on what it means. What I can say is you will never achieve your version of it until you begin to learn how to express yourself more skillfully.

Oddly enough, speaking skillfully starts with listening.

How many times have you been engaged in an argument with someone and, while the other person was still talking, you had already formulated your response (and probably given it) before they even finished their sentence?

How many times, at the end of those exchanges, were you left feeling like an idiot inside? And how many times did you both actually come to an agreeable conclusion because of your interruption?

Exceptional interpersonal communication always begins with listening. Attentively, calmly, openly, and without judgement. From this starting point you can easily map out a route to resolve any conflict, or blaze a trail of your own, knowing you have the positive support of others.

Bringing your ideas and goals to fruition, in any endeavour, requires public speaking skills in some capacity. Your success is ultimately determined by how well you can develop your interpersonal competence.

Excellent communication techniques are important and will prove to benefit the overall quality of your life in these areas and more:

- Relationships

- Conflict Resolution

- Leadership and Management

- Public Speaking

- Developing Better Social Skills and Building Self-Confidence

- Goal Setting

Now is the time to begin learning how to get your message across authentically and get the results you respectfully deserve.

That is what this site is dedicated to. Your Success. And the importance public speaking plays in achieving that.

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