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Getting your message across is vitally important to your success. There are many essentials of public speaking that are integral to making your presentation outstanding which need to be considered. On this page I've divided them into three distinct categories.

The first is content. This includes your speech topic, the speech purpose, the words you use, and the message you want to get across to your audience.

The content could take form as a story, a metaphor, a technical or informative style. It could be inspirational or persuasive. It could be thought-provoking, totally absurd, or statistically based on fact. Your speech must be tailored specifically to what it is you want to get across.

The next realm regarding regarding these essentials of public speaking has to do with your verbal skills. This includes intonation, vocal projection, vocal variety, pauses, tempo, timbre, rhythm, etc.

You must bring your audience on a vocal "journey" during your presentation. Build your speech with peaks and valleys where appropriate. Your speech has to have the ability to draw the listener in and to keep the audience engaged for the duration. Without this, the audience loses interest within the first minute. To speak in a monotone fashion will only serve to have your audience resent you for having taken their time when they most likely had other things to do.

The final category is that of non-verbal communication. This has to do with eye-contact, body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.

Strong eye-contact, a confident stance, deliberate gestures go a long way in solidifying a presentation. To have weak non-verbal presence is to undermine your whole speech.

These are the three basic categories regarding the essentials of public speaking. Throughout this site you will find more information and tips on how you can enhance each of them, and become a more accomplished speaker in the process.

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