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The first and foremost public speaking benefit for anyone is it is an excellent way to develop and strengthen your self-confidence.

Sure, a full 97% of people who pursue training of public speaking are very shy, even timid. Still, there is an inner urging which calls them forward. A calling to let the world know you exist, that you have a story to share. To have your voice heard, both figuratively and literally.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It's a very natural process most every person has gone through on their own personal journey to strengthen their esteem. Very few people enter the arena of public speaking brave and confident to begin with.

And elevated self-esteem is not the only public speaking benefit to you.

Slightly below the surface of that, leadership development begins to organically happen. Your thinking becomes quicker and more solidified. You begin to get your point across more assertively.

This does not necessarily pertain only to speaking to large audiences. It is also just as meaningful with one-on-one encounters or in groups of several others. The basic skills of public speaking are transferable to any interpersonal interaction.

Another advantage that quickly emerges is your credibility. As you learn to articulate yourself, your views and ideas become more prominent. Others begin to look to you for advice and guidance.

Your passion also begins to develop more freely as you can articulate yourself better. Again, ramping up increased confidence and credibility. You will find that it's a spiral that attracts other positive attributes and continues to elevate you.

Understand that, as all this does naturally occur as a result of learning the traits of public speaking, it does evolve slowly, little by little. A good program, a good coach, will help you through the process. Be sure to find someone highly recommended.

There is more than one public speaking benefit. Allow yourself the courage to pursue your greatness. You have a story, a point of view. Allow it to help and benefit others as well.

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