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Welcome to our page dedicated specifically to testimonials on our public speaking workshops. Every present or past participant in any of our programs is freely welcomed and encouraged to submit their experience and share it here with other visitors.

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Oct 06, 2012
It's more than just the words!
by: Tess Spackman

I participated in the Ladysmith Ambassadors program a few years ago and I was already quite comfortable with public speaking; I really thought I knew all the tricks of the trade. But Kevin showed me that there are so many important components to a great public speaker and helped me improve my public speaking dramatically. He taught me that it is not only the argument or discussion of your speech that is important but body language, eye contact, tone and volume are completely necessary to be a powerful public speaker. He guided us through many great and fun activities that assisted us in improving each component to being a confident and powerful public speaker. After taking the program with Kevin, I have become a more confident public speaker and know now that the words are not the only important aspect to a great speech! Without Kevin's help, I don't think I would be as powerful of a public speaker! Thank you Kevin! :)

Sep 24, 2012
Honesty & Integrity
by: Janna Bastian

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin when I participated in the 2009/2010 Ambassador Program. Starting out, I was a very shy girl and had high anxiety when it came to speaking in front of any group of people, no matter how small. After only a couple of his workshops, I could already notice a measurable difference. Kevin gave effective feedback and specific direction on how I could improve my public speaking skills. By the end of the workshops, I was comfortable enough to speak in front of hundreds of people, and be happy and excited doing it! Thanks to Kevins honesty, knowledge, and positive attitude on public speaking and self esteem, I easily achieved my goal and have tremendous confidence speaking in front of any size audience now!

Jul 23, 2012
A new level of public speaking
by: Hilary J

I was part of the 2010/2011 Ladysmith Ambassador program when I took Kevin's workshop. He was always so understanding and so kind. Even though we were all nervous, the atmosphere he created made each one of us feel comfortable. I've always enjoyed public speaking and Kevin's course made me love it even more. I learned that public speaking is not only about being articulate and enthusiastic. There are many other attributes to it as well, such as using hand gestures and making eye contact with your audience. It is important to remember who your audience is, and how to clearly refine the message you are delivering to them. I am now easily able to do all of this. Since I have taken Kevin's workshop I can stand in front of any audience, of any size, with confidence and purpose. I am truly grateful for all Kevin taught me.

Jul 21, 2012
Very knowledgeable and helpful!
by: David Seath

I approached Kevin to help me with my fears about speaking in front of a group as I found myself in a position of facilitating a weekend workshop.
Kevin was able to address my concerns and give me practical advice on how to deliver my message in a manor that minimized most all of my concerns. It was very clear that this is an area of expertise for Kevin in which he excels at greatly and I would highly recommend Kevin for anyone looking to overcome any obstacles to do with public speaking.
I continue to speak in small groups and it is getting easier all the time. Thanks Kevin!

Jun 22, 2012
Lifelong benefits!
by: Jessica

I had the pleasure of attending a series of public speaking workshops facilitated by Kevin. I was a candidate participating with the Ladysmith Ambassador Program. Through his guidance, members of this program learned valuable public speaking skills, in front of groups and otherwise, as well as ways to thwart stage fright and speech anxiety. Kevin was a gracious and understanding mentor who truly wanted the very best for every student that he worked with. His energy levels and passion for his job were always clear and evident, and his vast knowledge served as an invaluable tool for everyone involved in the program.

On a personal note, I went on to place first in the speech division of the Ladysmith Ambassador Program, and eventually place first overall and had the pleasure of being the reigning Ladysmith Ambassador of 2010. Having learned these public speaking skills served to be one of the most valuable things, as public interaction throughout the entire province of BC was a huge part of my responsibilities. I then went on to attend The University of British Columbia, where I became involved in Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and used my public speaking skills as an asset through the numerous titles and positions I have held throughout its self-government. Public speaking skills have also proven to be an excellent asset to add to resumes and have given me a huge advantage over others when applying for jobs and scholarships. Lastly, I feel that having confidence in yourself when you speak is something that has far greater and deeper value than just the obvious aspects. Knowing that I can confidently stand in front of 1 or 10000 people and say what I need to say is one of the most empowering things I have ever experienced! You certainly will never regret taking advantage of the opportunity to better yourself through public speaking! I know I didn't! And it's all thanks to Kevin!

Jun 20, 2012
Eye Contact and Hand Gestures
by: Madeline T.

Before taking a public speaking course with Kevin, I was terrified to speak in front of just a few people. On the first day of the course, he made a list of attributes of a great public speaker, (including eye contact, vocal variety, and hand gestures), and it gave me something specific to work towards. Keeping these goals in mind is very effective in the journey to becoming a good public speaker. He makes the people in the course feel comfortable, even if they are nervous about speaking in front of others. He uses great examples of speeches, and demonstrates each of the attributes of a public speaker that were on his original list. His course not only provides opportunities to practice speaking, but also to encourage others and provide constructive evaluation. Giving an impromptu speech is difficult at first, but the feedback and support that Kevin gives makes it easier each time. Over the past year I have had to do just that on many occasions, and not only am I no longer nervous when I speak, but I also use the listed attributes without even thinking about them. Kevin also helped me with speechwriting, and taught us a mantra for what the layout of our speech should be. As the valedictorian of my graduating class, both writing and presenting a speech were very valuable skills to have, and Kevin had helped me develop them. His enthusiasm, encouragement and public speaking skills make it easy to progress in his course, and the benefits of it are endless. Thank you, Kevin!

Jun 18, 2012
What an Awesome course!
by: Angie Davis

When taking personal development programs I need to be confident that the instructor has my back. It bothers me when they are not engaged with the program they are teaching. With Kevin you will find that he gets right into the exercises along with everyone else and makes it exciting. He puts feeling into everything he does. In his friendly environment you will feel like you have nothing to hide. When I first started taking his workshop there wasn't a chance of me speaking in public at all, but now I can say I volunteer to speak over anyone else, and do it more than anyone I know. He also has a keen awareness of what is needed in any situation. At a time when I felt I was embarrassing myself, Kevin immediately stepped right in and did something even more ridiculous, making me feel better about myself. Talk about participatory AND fun! Kevin was an excellent facilitator who gave me a lot more confidence in my self and my story. I will be forever grateful to him for that. I encourage anyone who is considering learning the art of public speaking to take a course of his. The benefits you will receive will change your life.

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